We convert awareness into action, and potential into outcomes

Marketing Solutions creates and orchestrates omnichannel customer journeys that maximize return on marketing investment and drive customer engagement, conversion, loyalty and sales.

Using data analytics to inform everything we do, we select and deploy optimal messages, at optimal moments in optimal channels.  Our expert teams convert awareness into performance and drive customers and prospects through the funnel to the most valuable outcome.

In a world of increasingly confusing claim and counter-claim, we deliver real world results built on analytical insight, market-tested technology, and multichannel capability at scale.

Concentrix Marketing Solutions
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We specialize in optimizing effectiveness and efficiency in the sales and marketing funnel

We are experts in the analytics, technology, people and operational knowhow needed to create and optimize programs that optimize the sales process – increasing average order value, reducing drop-off and compressing the buying cycle.

  • State of the art analytics enables us to identify, understand and optimize each customer opportunity
  • Our ‘customer-first’ mentality enables us to architect experiences that motivate behavior
  • Concentrix’s full suite portfolio of engagement channels, from digital, mobile and AI, to bots, brick and mortar and a live personal touch, enables us to orchestrate an optimal customer experience
  • We manage and optimize the customer journey as a single continuous flow, not a series of separate siloed steps


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